A zombie and her pet.

26th August 2012
A Zombie and her pet.

I went with some friends to an old farm outhouse to do a zombie shoot and I thought Id share a recent shot with you all.

"A Zombie and her Pet."

Models : William Cruickshanks (friend), Dawn (step Daughter)
Make-up: Pamela Monaghan (sister)
Assistant: Jim Cuzen
Smoke Machine : S&M Lighting
Power Generator : Bewing Auto Centre

Also I had a loan of a generator and smoke machine from some friends to do this shot.. so I am very grateful to everyone that helped and had fun.

Lighting: Strobe in softbox ouside window, softbox to the back right, softbox to the front left and a gridded strobe front right to highlight the zombies.

I had never used strobes with smoke before.. quite fun but also tricky as you can easily light up large sections of smoke lighting parts of the frame you don't want light.

A zombie and her pet.


You can see more about this shot and how it was done over at Lencarta.com